Sony launches SRX-R510P 4K Cinema Projector for Smaller Screens

December 05, 2013 — Article

Sony Digital Cinema has unveiled the new SRX-R510P, a compellingly-priced addition to its market-leading 4K digital projector line-up, offering the Sony 4K experience to cost-conscious independent cinema owners and smaller theatres with screens up to 10m wide. Having experienced recently a demo of the Sony SRX-515P , we believe that following the evolution of these technologies, particularly 4K and 3D, by the leaders in the professional market is an interesting strategy for those wanting to look into the crystal ball and anticipate what could be coming in the future, especially for high-end Home Theatre installations.

With over 15,000 systems in the market, Sony Digital Cinema 4K technology has captured the imagination of audiences and industry alike, winning Hollywood’s commitment as underlined by 4K releases from studios such as Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, and Sony Pictures. It has also won the support of Hollywood heavyweights like Christopher Nolan (“Dark Knight Rises”, “Inception”), David Fincher (“The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo”) and Harald Zwart (“Karate Kid”), who have all released recent blockbusters in the 4K format. Sony Digital Cinema 4K projection systems give audiences a more immersive, emotionally engaging visual experience in 2D while, in addition, the choice of smooth, easy-on-the-eye 3D solutions.

David McIntosh, VP at Sony Digital Cinema Europe

“Detail matters for every patron, and Sony 4K makes perfect commercial sense for every size of screen,” says David McIntosh, VP at Sony Digital Cinema Europe. “The extraordinary buzz that our ground-breaking SRX-515P has already generated in the market has made smaller theatres clamour for an economical 4K solution. The SRX-R510P makes true 4K even more accessible – without compromising all-important picture quality that’s made Sony Digital Cinema the world-leading 4K choice for exhibitors worldwide.”

The next-generation projector shares the same compact body, integrated media block and optical engine as the acclaimed SRX-R515P projector. At the heart of the SRX-R510P is Sony’s class-leading SXRD technology. Coupled with the projector’s premium-quality wide aperture lens, this achieves an impressive 9,000 lumen brightness, together with a remarkable contrast ratio of over 4000:1 for a superb image with deep blacks.


Like all projectors in the Sony 4K family, the SRX-R510P can be adapted for smooth, immersive 3D presentation by adding an easy-to-fit optional dual lens and filter pack.

The SRX-R510P is illuminated by an array of four individually-replaceable HPM (High Pressure Mercury) lamps. This innovative multi-lamp array delivers a remarkably consistent colour accuracy, while offering the additional benefits of easy lamp replacement, low operating costs and a reduced risk of a ‘dark screen’ in the event of single lamp failure. Playback options are broadened further with two standard HDMI inputs that allow projection of alternative content such as live video or Blu-ray Disc.

The SRX-R510P 4K digital cinema projector from Sony will be available in Europe from February 2014. To get more information, contact your local dealer HERE.

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