Watch the Video of the Waterfall Audio Niagara Platinium with New Glass

March 19, 2014 — Article

The Waterfall Audio flagship speaker Niagara is now using platinium glass to enable them to be perfectly coordinated with the other speakers in the range for those clients wanting to create a home cinema system in beautiful glass using the Victoria or Iguascu as surround speakers. Watch the video to admire that Waterfall has also reduced the thickness of the glass down to 10 mm, as well as, particularly, the quality of the bevelled glass horn tweeter that takes more than 10 hours to achieve.

All of the other components remain the same. The drivers are provided by Atohm, a French company also located in the South of France, using the specifications developed in coordination with Waterfall, from the design and development stages all the way to the industrial process, to provide the ultimate sound quality with the glass speakers. The Niagara offers 500 watts of peak power.

Waterfall Niagara Napa leather on base and to cover the ADT

You can admire the hand-stitched Napa leather that can be customized to any colour to perfectly integrate into the client’s décor.

The design of Niagara speakers is a multiple award winner not only for its unique transparent beauty but also because of the the years of research and development, which includes their patented ADT (Acoustic Damping Tube) technology which is a fundamental principle that allows proper functioning of a driver in a non damped structure such as a glass enclosure.

Waterfall speakers all have names from famous waterfalls and clearly (!) this one is after the great Niagara Falls.

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