Munich High-End 2014 : Photo Report part 1

May 18, 2014 — Article

HIGH END 2014 in Munich showed significant growth again to reach 18,000 visitors, double that of 10 years ago, of which about one-third were from the trade. This year’s edition welcomed 452 exhibitors showing 900 different brands. As ever, we attended the show where there were numerous product launches and remarkable demonstrations. Here a first part showing just a few of the highlights.

BC Acoustique EA-332D Stereo Integrated Amplifier. 2x 80W (8 ohms) pure Class A. Digital and analogue inputs

BC Acoustique EX-332D Stereo Integrated Amplifier. 2x 120W. Digital and analogue inputs

Avid Ingenium Turntable. Available with one or two tonearms.

Brand new Asus Essence One MKII Muses (Pure DSD and DoP) DAC Essence One.

Active loudspeakers Avantgarde Zero 1 Pro and Duo Grosso in demonstration.

Avantgarde XA INT Integrated Amplifier Class AB switch-able to Class A.

Avance Paris X-L1000 speakers and X-il20 2×120W Integrated Amplifier. Analogue as well as 192/24 digital inputs.

Atoll CD400SE CD Player with proprietary Transport. Also available with DR400SE Transport.

Streamer and DAC 2×80w Atoll SDA200 Mosfet Amplifier. Also available 2×60w SDA100 version.

Demostration of the ELAC Active Speaker System AIR-X403 (3 Class AB power amplifiers) wireless with 48khz/24bits.

Demostration of the brand new Micromega My System with the new MyAMP ampificer powering the MySPEAK speakers. The Grado SR125i headphones were connected with the MYZIK Headphones Preamp. The Wilson Benesch Circle turntable was connected to the MyGROOV Phono Preamp.

The Pro-Ject RPM 3 Carbon turntable was just in front of the new RPM 1 Carbon and RPM 5 Carbon models.

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