Munich High-End 2014 : Photo Report part 3

May 18, 2014 — Article

In our third part you will see many more stunning products, with a focus here on speakers, including the new flagship KEF The Reference 5 as well as the Blade Two, the awesome Magico Supreme, admire the original form of the B.M.C. PureVox in addition to the more classical, yet very stylish Kharma Elegance.


Brand new KEF Reference Series, with the flagship Reference 5 in demonstration

“Compact” version of the Blade, the KEF Blade Two.

Magico in demonstration


New Magico Ultimate on display with two Magico QSUB subwoofers. EMM Labs XDS1-V2, DAC2X and Pass Labs amplifiers.

2-way B.M.C. PureVox bipolar speaker equipped with AMT tweeters and aluminum enclosure.

The B.M.C PureLine family grows with the new 2×100w PureAMP integrated amplifier. It will be made available from Q3 2014

Great prototype from the future B.M.C. PureMEDIA Audio/Video Server with from 2 up to 6 To of storage capacity, and offering a very intuitive interface. To be available at the end of 2014.

New Kharma Elegance DB11-S speakers equipped with Kharma Omega7 composite membrane transducer. Internally wired with pure silver cables.

Brand new Krell Industries series. Foundation processor, Connect Media Player…

New 384Khz/24Bit Zero-Phase-Techonology Soulution 560, based on the SACD 745 player.


French constructor A.Charlin presented their new high performance cables and electronics series. A Charlin 4S amplifiers and E-Power 10 regenerating power station.

The ASR integrated amplifiers are now available with improved input stage thanks to the Elkos evolution improving current capacity and offering better dynamic range and detail.

Audia Flight FLS Nº1 384Khz/32bits DAC-preamplifier.


Audia Flight Strumento nº4 (stereo) and Strumento nº8 (mono) amplifiers.

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