Munich High-End 2014 : Photo Report part 4

May 18, 2014 — Article

We close here our short 4 part Photo Report series showing the great in diversity of unique equipment displayed by the manufacturers and distributors at this year’s HIGH END 2014 in Munich. With 900 Brands present, unfortunately we could not bring you all that there was to see, so we suggest you note in your calendar the date of next year’s Show from the 14th to the 17th of May 2015, and come join us and enjoy for yourself first-hand!

Leedh E2 speakers and the Brand new Leedh 20.1 subwoofer with 3D Lab electronics and their new Nano Network transport.

Tannoy Canterbury GR : The Brand new Tannoy Prestige series have improved with great enhancements thanks to the component upgrades and a slightly face-lift. The Canterbury GR and Turnberry GR are part of this new Gold Reference series.

Tannoy Definition DC10T with Rega electronics from the Osiris line.

Tri-Planar MK7 10 SE : the Tri-Planar tone-arms are available in 9, 10 and 12 inches, mounted this time on the Brinkmann Bardo.

Vivid Audio G4 : The new entry level model of the Giya family


PMC Twenty 26

The new PMC 26 is the Twenty range flagship, with a 17 cm diameter bass driver, combined with soft dome tweeter and midrange drivers.

Wilson Benesch 25 : new, improved special anniversary edition Circle turntable. here in white with A.C.T. 25 carbon tone-arm.

Sonus Faber Ex3ma : the new italian maker masterpiece. These speakers are available only on special order.

New prototype TAD three-way speaker.

Wadia 321 : 192khz/32bit DAC with variable analogue output.

Martin Logan Monolith : Hybrid electrostatic speaker with 30 and 38 cm drivers for superior bass reproduction.

YBA Passion CDT450 player and Passion IA350 Integrated Amplifier powering Vivid Audio Giya G4.


Demonstration of the new Linn Exakt active speaker system with amplifiers and DAC inside the speaker cabinet.

NAD Master Series : Newly-developed and re-designed flagship NAD series.

Dynaudio Confidence C2 Platinium speakers on display with new NAD M12 (DAC-preamp) and M22 (stereo amplifier) Master Series range.

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