Cabasse adds features to the Stream range with the new StreamCONTROL app and Spotify

December 01, 2014 — Article

Cabasse and the business’ new owners, AwoX, are enhancing the functionality of its popular Stream range of streaming audio products with the launch of the multi-function StreamCONTROL app and the addition of Spotify. The new app brings greater control of high fidelity digitally stored music, control of AwoX lighting products and the promise of future expandability.

For five years Cabasse has been working with AwoX on its connectivity solutions, leading to the launch of the original Stream 3 system and first generation of the Cabasse app. Now, under the ownership of AwoX, the company will be further enhancing its portfolio of connected audio products and solutions, with the launch of the new StreamCONTROL app the first result of this new focus.

The new user-friendly interface developed for the app allows the user to quickly and easily connect to their music, to listen and enjoy it across the Stream players with the minimum of navigation required. Right from the home screen the user can access all the key services, which are always at the forefront and the active player remains visible and accessible at all times. Selection of the music server has been simplified, as has the playback operation, which is now as intuitive and natural as that of a CD player.

Intuition is at the watchword of the new StreamCONTROL app. From the first time the app is installed the three main functions – media control, lighting control and parameter selection – are presented grouped together for quick access. The available music sources are all visible on a single page and are also grouped together by type: internet radio, streaming services, connected USB devices, local tablet or smartphone files and network devices such as a NAS.

And for those requiring any help with installation, an assistant opens automatically and remains accessible without the need to restart the app. Personalisation is also possible to provide a fine tuned and more fluid navigation via the ‘overview’ tab, which gives a simple presentation of all functionalities. …/

The Cabasse Stream range of players, including the 2.1 Stream 3, Stream 1 compact stand-alone speaker system and Stream Source hi-fi streamer, are now joined by products from parent company AwoX. With audio engineering by Cabasse, the AwoX Striimlink provides streaming to a hi-fi system, the Striimsound is a stand alone Wi-Fi/Bluetooth speaker and the innovative StriimLIGHT enables music to be played throughout the home directly from Wi-Fi connected LED light bulbs, which are controllable via the new app.

In addition to the numerous functionality improvements offered by the app, Cabasse has now further increased the flexibility of the system through the addition of Spotify. Complementing the already available Deezer streaming service, Spotify, directly accessible from the media page of the app, can now be used to play its 30 million tracks through the Stream products. The addition of Spotify to the already feature rich product range makes the Cabasse Stream family the obvious choice for today’s music lovers.

Christophe Cabasse says, “Our partnership with AwoX enabled us to create the first Cabasse streaming products, the Stream 3, Stream 1 and Stream Source, which have all received a very warm welcome from the modern audio enthusiast and music fan. Now, under our new owners we are very excited to be able to ramp up our development of connected audio products and the first result of this is the fantastic new StreamCONTROL app.” He continues, “The existing Stream products already offer features that are not available elsewhere, such as the ability to automatically turn any connected USB drive into a DLNA server to make the music available throughout the house. The new app further develops this exclusive offering with the addition of the hugely popular Spotify service and the ability to control AwoX’s incredible Wi-Fi light bulbs, which not only change colour and intensity via the app, but also play music from their built-in speakers. We feel sure our customers are going to love the new functions and can’t wait to get it into their hands.”

The new StreamCONTROL app is available now as a free download for iOS and Android.

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