How To Install the Samsung 55” Smart TV with One Connect

After delivery of the new mecca of entertainment the only thing left is to install it. Now, I could opt for professional installation, but installing it yourself is more cost effective. Both systems are user friendly so professional installation was not necessary. Let’s get these babies installed.

To install these components is not to time consuming. You just have to make sure you have all the tools available. With some TV installations the stand has to be screwed onto the base but with this particular model the stand just snaps into each end to give the support on either side of the TV set. I’ll break down the installation into easy to follow steps. Let’s start with the Smart TV.

Installing the Samsung 55” Smart TV with One Connect

  1. Unbox the television. ( I won’t be so condescending and assume you are unable to open a box or unpack the contents )

**the user manual, cords and remote control are located right when you open the box.

**I do recommend not unwrapping the TV completely since you will have to put it face down on a flat surface to assemble the stand.

  1. With the TV face down on a flat surface, assemble the stand. The legs are marked with their respective L and R labels so that your legs are facing in the correct direction for maximum stability.
  1. The large HDMI cord plugs into the large outermost port on the One Connect. That connects to the side of the TV.
  1. The power cord that has the 3 prong female connector connects to the One Connect box and the 3 prong male with ground plugs into either an outlet or a surge protector. I recommend the later.
  1. Install the batteries, that are included in the installation package, into the remote control.
  1. Turn on the television and follow the prompts to continue set up.

It is as simple as that. You’re now up and ready to install the soundbar. Which, I’m happy to say, is just as quick and painless.