How to Install the Samsung Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and Subwoofer

Installing the Samsung SH-K950 5.1.4 with Dolby Atmos and 8” subwoofer

  1. Again, unbox the soundbar.

** It come complete with HDMI cord

** Does not come with the batteries for the remote.

  1. Place the soundbar and speakers where you feel you will get the most effective sound.

** all the speakers included are wireless adapt and connect to the soundbar as soon as you power it on.

** The subwoofer needs an outlet to connect and should be placed opposite the soundbar

  1. Attach the HDMI cord to the soundbar and then attach the corresponding end to the One Connect.
  1. Install the battery (not included) into the remote and power on the soundbar.

After that final step your smart TV will prompt you to complete any other steps to complete installation. You are now ready to give yourself that weekend of Netflix binge watching you’ve been promising yourself. Keep in mind that these installation steps are pretty universal for most TV, soundbar, gaming, blu ray or other devices. If there are questions I have not answered refer to the owner’s manual or the Samsung website.

I hope this information was helpful. It isn’t an easy task to assemble a cost effective cinema package that can give you all of the bells whistles that can make everyone happy. But, you should never have to sacrifice quality. After all, your free time and entertainment is an investment too.