Where Do You Start With Your Home Cinema System?

Your home entertainment viewing experience needs to start with it’s base. That is usually the TV. There are an abundance of options to chose from. From projector, 3D systems to smart TV’s. These are just a few options available to you. But, there are factors to consider when choosing which one is best for your needs. Those factors are things like room size, location in the house, traffic and budget to name a few. You could also opt for speakers vs. the soundbar (they do the same job, no need to have both) or even a Bose home theatre system and chose to connect a gaming system in lieu of the blu-ray. There are a number of options. The set up essentially will vary by product. A lot of which will have bluetooth capabilities, so the setup will be quick and painless.

I decided what was best for my home cinema was a Smart TV, with a surround sound system complete with blu ray. This combination is versatile and can serve a family room with no complaints. After shopping for a while I decided I wanted a curved TV and that 65 inches fit my needs perfectly. I paired a it with a complete home theatre soundbar for the best possible sound quality.

The TV is a Samsung 55” UN55MU8500 Curved Smart TV with 4K Ultra HD LED. For this particular TV, I scoured the internet looking for the best deal and I found it on Cliffsdeals.com for $1,209.00 with a 2 year extended warranty for $79.99. To complement the Smart TV, I added a Samsung SH-K950 5.1.4 Channel Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and an 8” wireless subwoofer. The soundbar I found at Best Buy for $1499.98 with 2 year standard geek squad protection for $179.99. Both sites offer free shipping, of course. I chose both for their quality and professional and personal reviews. This combination promises an experience that is akin to a movie theatre both in sound but display as well.