CEDIA and Finite Solutions go prime-time

December 08, 2009 — Article

The 4.4 million viewers of the popular BBC prime time programme, The One Show will soon get a taste of a CEDIA Award-winning smart home when presenter Ortis Deley takes a look at Finite Solutions’ impressive show house.

Filming for the feature, which showcases the concept of the house of the future, took place this week and saw Ortis experimenting with the vast array of technologies that the house has to offer. Finite Solutions’ marketing director and CEDIA Vice Chair and Treasurer, Fraser Stride, was on hand to give the guided tour and to demonstrate its technical capabilities.

Fraser reflects on the experience: “It was a great opportunity to help the wider consumer audience understand what cutting edge home automation really means, not only in terms of the fun home entertainment side, but also the convenience and environmental benefits of elements such as heating and lighting control.”

The film crew and Ortis himself were overwhelmed with the technology on offer, and it certainly broadened Ortis’ horizons from the day to day consumer technology seen on the Gadget Show.

Frazer summed up: “A definite win for CEDIA, illustrating what a true professional install looks like and driving the demand for the home automation industry as a whole.”

The show will air at 7p.m on Friday 18th December 2009 and subsequently available on demand, on BBC iPlayer.

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