Waterfall Niagara

April 21, 2010 — Article

Iconic French speaker manufacturer Waterfall has officially released its new flagship speaker in the UK.

Already trailed at hi-fi and technology shows this year, the Waterfall Niagara features a 3/4in thick dense glass cabinet – the norm for Waterfall speakers – but also has a unique Glass Horn Tweeter which is mechanically decoupled from the main enclosure. Each one apparently requires ten hours of intense machining and hand finishing.

Elsewhere in the 3ft 11in loudspeaker, the mid/bass Atohm drivers as well as the cabinet base are encased in hand-stitched Nappa leather. The drivers also feature Waterfall’s Acoustic Damping Tube (ADT) and there’s an ultra-low frequency downward-firing passive driver set into the base.

The Waterfall Niagara is available now for £25,000 per pair.

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