Waterfall Audio wins design award

July 09, 2010 — Article

Distinctive French loudspeaker manufacturer Waterfall has received a design award for its top-line glass speaker design.

The powerfully chic Waterfall Niagara picked up the gong from US-based Home Entertainment magazine as one of its 10 Best Designs of the last year.

Judges applauded its “different, eye-catching” glass casework as well as the attention to detail shown in the hand-stitched Nappa leather detailing and parts milled from solid aluminium, summing up with “They are elegant and beautiful, and you haven’t even heard them yet.”

Other stylish winners in HE magazine’s annual awards included Bang & Olufsen’s achingly trendy BeoSound 5 media server, Thomas Labusga’s acoustic treatment/artwork Sonic Diffuser and the elegantly curved Viva Solista MkII valve amp.

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