Waterfall HFM 2.1 speaker system

September 13, 2010 — Article

Glass speaker specialist Waterfall has released a new 2.1 speaker system.

Waterfall HFM 2.1

The HFM 2.1 matches a pair of the company’s Serio satellite speakers with its HFM (High Force) subwoofer. It boasts three class D Amplifiers (1 x 120 watts for the sub and 2 x 60 watts for the satellites) and uses a single 7in bass driver, with connectivity through a 3.5mm jack so it can be used with all standard sources, including computers and MP3 players.

The Serio satellite speakers include a 3in Atohm driver inside a die-cast aluminium chassis with a safety glass surround, echoing the glass cabinet aesthetics of the firm’s previous models. Waterfall’s own Heatstream technology couples the speaker’s voice coil to the unit’s aluminium body to “efficiently dissipate enough heat for the high-power demands of high-quality audio and intensive home cinema soundtracks”.

The Waterfall HFM 2.1 will be available at the end of October in black, white or silver with matching grilles, or with alternative orange and green ‘fashion’ grilles, for £795.

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