Cabasse Pacific 3 SA semi-active loudspeaker

September 22, 2010 — Article

French speaker manufacturer Cabasse has unveiled the latest addition to its Artis range of high-end loudspeakers with the Pacific 3 SA.

Pacific 3 SA

The new model is the first tower loudspeaker from Cabasse to include the company’s BC17 coaxial drive unit, originally developed for the Riga style speaker. The company claims that the constant control of signal directivity across the 175Hz-20kHz operating range of the BC17, with its ring-shaped low-midrange woofer and dome midrange-tweeter, provides the Pacific 3 SA with all the benefits of Cabasse’s SCS (Spatially Coherent System) principles.

The BC17 is joined by a pair of 8in bass drivers. These use Nomex inverted honeycomb domes designed to be ultra rigid but very light, and benefit from trickle-down technology developed for the 22in driver in Cabasse’s £108,000 flagship, La Sphère.

The drive units are actively driven by a 450-watt Cabasse-designed built-in amplifier, which accounts for the SA (semi-active) moniker. The company claims this provides powerful, but very well controlled and adjustable low frequency output down to 37Hz, in a cabinet that is 20 per cent shallower than would otherwise have been required in a passive speaker.

Finished in a piano black or gloss pearl finish, the 1.29m tall cabinet, is 29cm wide and 49cm deep and is designed with a curved front baffle and fluted side panels to reduce standing waves.

The Pacific 3 SA goes on sale from October for £11,000.

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