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Martin Logan ElectroMotion speakers hit the UK

August 01, 2011 — Article

US-based electrostatic speaker specialist Martin Logan has announced the UK launch of its ElectroMotion ESL speakers.

Martin Logan-em-esl
Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL

The company describes the EM-ESL as "the world’s most affordable high performance hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker” and ranks near the entry-level position for the company’s range.

It’s designed to be used for both hi-fi stereo listening as well as multichannel film soundtracks, and includes a 34in tall XStat electrostatic transducer, as well as an 8in cone bass driver contained in the base.

It’s also available with matching centre and surround speakers, which include a new, larger, Folded Motion XT tweeter, to make up a full 5.1 package.

The Martin Logan EM-ESL is available in the UK in August from distributor Absolute Sounds for £2,499 (standard version) or £2,900 (gloss black version).

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