Meridian’s £60,000 40th anniversary music system

October 03, 2011 — Article

Quality hi-fi manufacturer Meridian marks its 40th anniversary this year with a limited edition music system based on an enhanced pair of DSP8000 speakers and the 808 Signature Reference CD player.

Meridian Anniversary System

There’ll be only 40 numbered editions of the system, each of them signed by Meridian founders Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd, who also designed them.

The Anniversary System will be available in an exclusive ‘Ruby’ finish, and includes co-ordinated glass inset panels, speaker grilles and tweeter surround. Inside, the drivers have been given a new type of polished bezel.
Each system will come with a book illustrating the history of Meridian’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) speakers and Meridian says it will offer an engineer to fine-tune your system at home.

Meridian 808 Reference CD player

The 808 Signature Reference CD Player includes a CD-ROM-based drive which allows for data recovery and error correction above and beyond what’s normally available from standard CD systems. A master clocking system and timing circuitry minimise jitter for improved sound source localisation, clarity and imaging while Meridian’s unique DSP technologies promise additional accuracy and clarity to CD replay.

The Meridian Anniversary System is available now for £60,000.

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