Focal XS Book system on sale this month

December 05, 2011 — Article

French speaker specialist Focal’s new XS Book desktop music system goes on sale later this month and the company has revealed a few more details about it.

Focal XS Book

The diminutive speaker system promises exceptionally high quality sound from a compact source, due in part to the “vented port with a complex shape that has been modelled by CAD (3D software) to minimise airflow noise and maximise efficacy".

A single multi-function knob on the ‘master’ right speaker controls volume as well as standby/power and that speaker also contains a 2 x 20-watt amplifier and a 3.5mm stereo jack. Each speaker has a 10cm Polyglass mid/bass driver and a 19mm aluminium tweeter.

The stereo speakers come with a 3.5mm cable to connect them to a computer or other source, as well as a 1.5 metre RCA cable (and 1.5m extension cable) to connect the two speakers to each other. Focal says it can handle a maximum sound pressure level of 96dB SPL at one metre.

Focal XS Book

A taller stand is available as an option, as is a special carrier bag. The system is also compatible with the Omnimount AB2 standard for wall mounting.

The Focal XS Book desktop music system goes on sale this month for £299.

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