Meridian offers performance and features upgrade

December 07, 2011 — Article

Meridian has announced a new firmware update designed to improve the performance of its surround sound controllers and DSP loudspeakers.

Meridian 861 V6 sound controller

The upgrade is available for a wide range of Meridian products, including: 861 V4 and V6, G68, G61, G61R and C61R; DSP3100, DSP5000, DSP5200, DSP6000, DSP7000, DSP7200 and DSP8000.

For Meridian sound controllers, new features include Meridian’s own ‘apodising’ style upsampling filters, which the company claims make music, TV and film soundtracks sound even better; and a ‘significant enhancement’ to the ‘Direct’ and ‘Stereo DSP’ presets, the DSP modes designed for listening in two-channel.

Improvements for Meridian DSP speakers include better system integration with a Meridian Sooloos Digital Media system, as well as proprietary upsampling filters and an improved crossover alignment.

Meridian’s new Audio Core 200 stereo system controller also gets an update, receiving the features it needs to control the firm’s brand-new DSW subwoofer.

The firmware upgrade is available for free if you already own Meridian equipment – just ask your Meridian dealer.

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