Cyrus Audio ‘budget’ range

February 10, 2012 — Article

Cyrus Audio has announced a new range of hi-fi separates starting at under £800.

Cyrus 6a amplifier

The new range begins at £699 with the entry-level Cyrus 6a amplifier which joins the CD 6 SE2 CD player, which has now been reduced from £950 to £699.

There’s also a new Cyrus CD T transport for just £599, as well as the Cyrus 6 DAC for £899, or £1,498 for the pair.

In addition to the 6 series are the Cyrus 8a amp at £1,200, the 8 DAC at £1,400 and 8 Qx DAC at £1700.

The other CD models in the range are now being ‘repositioned’ to bring their prices into line with the new amplifiers, so the CD XT SE2 transport will now be available at £1,500 and the CD 8 SE2 will be £1,200.

The new modular amplifier platform has been developed from the XP range, but it uses new audiophile components which weren’t available when the XP models were first introduced.

Cyrus MD Peter Bartlett said: "Last year Cyrus decided to initiate R&D projects that would enable the company to stretch the model range back down into the larger, sub-£800 market we used to occupy, but abandoned as we pushed our development team to deliver ever higher-quality models.”

The new models are available now.

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