Simple Audio expands its Roomplayer package

April 26, 2012 — Article

Glasgow-based Simple Audio has made its iPhone/iPod Touch Controller and Desktop Controller available as free apps.

simple audio controller.jpg
Simple Audio Controller for iPhone

Established in 2008 the company made its name with the Roomplayer I and Roomplayer II home audio systems and has now developed free software to make them even more flexible and easy to use.

The Simple Audio Controller for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is a free download that turns your Apple iOS device into a controller for operating one or several Roomplayers throughout the home. The touchscreen interface makes it easy to select your room, browse your own or all music libraries, view album art, choose a song, play internet radio or music services and adjust the volume.

It’s available now and the iPhone App Store will automatically send notifications whenever software updates are available.

The Simple Audio Desktop Controller is available free for Mac or PC. It‘s easy set up and enables the user to control each Roomplayer from any desktop or laptop computer on the home network.

Designed for a computer’s larger screen, the desktop controller enables easy control of your music. It’s easy to pick a Roomplayer, browse all music libraries, radio stations or streaming services, set up playlists, or select individual songs.

The Simple Audio Desktop Controller will also provide notification whenever free software updates are introduced. One download is all it takes to update every Roomplayer within a system.

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