Loewe Connect ID super smart ‘Smart TV’ range

August 14, 2012 — Article

Loewe’s latest high-end smart TV range claims to be its most customisable ever.

Loewe Connect ID

The Connect ID is available in three different screen sizes (32, 40 and 46in), 12 different colour combinations and 30 unique set-up options, which Loewe says multiplies up to a grand total of 2,160 design configurations for maximum customisation. If that’s not enough, there’s also an optional integrated DR+ hard disk recorder (500GB).

Loewe promises stunning image quality in all formats with its 200Hz technology LED panel. The range is 3D-equipped and includes extensive multimedia facilities and Loewe’s own apps. A wide array of connectors gives the range a thoroughly diverse connectivity.

With LAN and WLAN included as standard, the Connect ID also integrates with home networks via Powerline mains networking. All the classic Loewe smart TV functions are available here – Loewe MediaHome, HbbTV and internet access via Loewe MediaNet. Additionally, the award-winning Loewe DR+ Streaming FollowMe technology allows streaming and sharing with other current Loewe televisions. Niftily, if you lose the remote you can control it from an iPad, using the Loewe Assist Media App.

Loewe promises that the two speakers give optimum voice reproduction and a well-balanced, powerful sound. The 40in and 46in models add two down-firing woofers for a rich home cinema quality via high-efficiency D-class amplifiers. The multi-band automatic volume control (AVC) provides evenly balanced volume and the set is enabled for Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 multichannel audio.

The plethora of stands and wall-mounts on offer from Loewe means that a Connect ID should make itself comfortable in any home. Nearly five kilogrammes lighter than its predecessor, its eco-aspirations are high, reducing its carbon footprint further with an integrated power switch which disconnects power from the mains when not in use.

The Loewe Connect ID range is available now, starting at £1,400 for the Connect ID 32, £1,600 for the Connect ID 40 and £2,000 for the Connect ID 46. A 55in version will launch later this year. The optional DR+ hard disk recording facility is available with all screen sizes for an additional £300.

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