Loewe ‘Supersize Me’ TV offer

September 24, 2012 — Article

Get a larger Loewe Individual TV for the same price as the next size down.

Loewe is treating its customers in the UK to an imaginative cost-saving deal until 30th September. The size of it is that anyone buying a TV from Loewe’s Individual range can purchase their preferred screen size for the price of the next size down. Or, to put it another way, upgrade your screen size for the same price you were intending to pay. Either way, the customer wins.

This offer applies to all current Loewe Individual TVs in sizes, which come in 55in, 46in and 40in. So, for those who desire the 55in screen size, they’ll only pay the price of the 46in set; the 46in screen costs the same as the 40in model; and the 40in screen comes in at the same price as the 32in model. Customers wanting the smallest in the range, the 32in screen, will enjoy the benefit of a nice discount.

Individual is Loewe’s premium HDTV range, one step down from their flagship Reference series. With attention to detail both inside and out, Individual TVs include LED backlighting, Active Shutter 3D, onepiece filter glass, comprehensive internet-connected Smart TV functionality and an optional integrated hard disk for recording and sharing content.

The Individual series integrates a host of options allowing customers to customise their TV, including a selection of finishes,interchangeable side inlays in hundreds of colours to match any décor, and even custom materials ranging from exotic woods to 24ct gold. A wide range of audio solutions match exceptional sounds and pictures. An array of table and floor stands, wall mounts and furniture options complete the package.

The offer is available from all Loewe dealers, but will only run until 30th September.

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