KEF launches super compact Ci100QS custom install speaker

October 01, 2012 — Article

KEF has unveiled the new Ci100QS, the most compact square model yet of the Ci Series of custom install speakers.


The Ci100QS, featuring KEF’s Ultra Thin Bezel (UTB) design is matched by an ultra-slim speaker rim. With only a 4in Uni-Q driver array, the Ci100QS promises to be virtually invisible once installed.

KEF’s Uni-Q driver technology places a tweeter at the centre of a mid/bass driver removing the ‘sweet spot’ effect and aims to give great sound dispersion throughout any room, regardless of where it’s placed.

KEF promises that the new speaker is incredibly easy to install (even in uneven ceilings), and that its rigid construction means the Ci100QS its corrosion-resistant in a wide range of humidity conditions, so it can be installed anywhere you need it, whether it’s your the bathroom, by the pool or even on your yacht

The KEF Ci100QS is available now for £120.

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