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Monster and Viacom forge DNA alliance

October 06, 2012 — Article

Cable and headphones maker Monster and mass media company Viacom have announced a global alliance to coincide with the launch of a new audio brand, Monster DNA.

Monster DNA Perfect Teal

Monster DNA headphones aim to fill its listeners’ ears with sounds as powerful and striking as the bold and innovative design of the headphone itself.

Monster’s Head Noel Lee said: “We’re excited about what we have accomplished… Sonically, they completely kick ass, yet still have refined sound qualities that all music lovers can appreciate.”

“Just like Viacom’s brands, Monster DNA headphones are designed to reflect the creativity and confidence of young people,” added Jeff Lucas, Head of Sales, Music and Entertainment for Viacom.

Known for making the Dr Dre-branded Beats headphone series, Monster acknowledges the power of music and the influence its message can have over young listeners. The Monster/Viacom alliance is hoping to ensure that Monster DNA can help advance important pro-social causes that resonate with young music fans, not just in the US but worldwide. The alliance will benefit from the global marketing power of Viacom’s many brands.

The Monster DNA headphones range will reach Europe during October. They will be available in several different versions, including distinctive triangular on-ear models in black, white, cobalt blue and perfect teal for a suggested retail price of £170, as well as black and white in-ear buds at £80.

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