FOCAL BIRD, designed in harmony with the interior décor of your home

October 23, 2012 — Article

Bird is the name given by Focal to their modern line of loudspeakers and also a concept whose name holds great significance with Focal’s philosophy of “The Spirit of Sound”

They wanted to create the maximum music in the smallest size, all this in an affordable way! Affordable, quality, modern and new? Sounds good right?

Focal Little Bird Pack 2.1 - Top Audio Milan 2012

Bird in demonstration at the Top Audio Video Show Milano 2012

Bird is Focal’s goal is to maximize sound from the most modern audio formats with high performance and simplicity. It’s made of three 2-way loudspeakers to reproduce your soundtracks on different environments, according to the dimensions and the acoustic volume you choose. For better sound quality they have a matching subwoofer called “Power Bird” that has an integrated amplifier.

Focal - Little Bird Pack 2.1

Little Bird Pack 2.1

Bird is one of the very first systems to explore Kleer® wireless audio transmission that permits you to freely move around with music… in your pocket. So if you have an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod you are a few clicks away from flying!

Kleer® wireless audio transmission - Top Audio Milan 2012

Kleer® wireless audio transmission

Nothing is easier: you just have to connect the iTransmitter to the Apple music player and it will automatically transmit to the Power Bird in wireless mode: same audio transmission as a CD player, no compression, so no loss in quality.

Focal products

Focal Bird line of products and accessories

More Good News! They can customize your Bird Speakers with any color you want! Any! Isn’t that great? And thats not all… soon we will get a free app dedicated to Apple players that permits control of all audio systems equipped with the wireless Kleer® technology. Once again Apple helps us to feel all the power in our hands!

Focal App

Free Focal app dedicated to Apple players coming out soon

Let’s let the sound fly free…!

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