Cabasse launches Eole 3 new 5.1 home cinema system

December 10, 2012 — Article

French manufacturer Cabasse has unleashed the 3rd generation of its popular Eole series. The new Eole 3 system follows the Eole 2, which Cabasse claims leads European sales in its segment, by adding new features to the satellites and subwoofer for better integration, an improved sound-stage and increased definition.

cabasse eole 3

Cabasse Eole 3

The subwoofer, a mark 2 version of the company’s established Santorin 21, has been fitted with a newly developed digital amplifier, the Cabasse TSA 200D. Cabasse says its ‘very efficient’ design uses 45% less operating power and 20% less stand-by power compared to its predecessor, making the subwoofer far more environmentally friendly. New digital amplification circuitry has allowed the weight to be dropped by 2kg by removing the need for large transformers and heat sinks.

Cabasse Eole 3 - white

Cabasse Eole 3 satellite without grill

Cabasse’s R&D team has also modified the crossover circuitry of the satellites to smooth out the response in the 1kHz – 3kHz area for improved stability of the soundstage and additional definition, widening the stereo and multichannel versatility of the system.

The 29mm soft dome tweeter and 100mm midrange/woofer combine to make a two-way coaxial driver, giving a 150Hz – 22kHz frequency response. Its performance characteristics conform to the company’s SCS principles (spatially coherent system) and are derived from the research investments made into the reference La Sphère speakers.

cabasse eole 3 satellite

Cabasse Eole 3 satellite

A magnetic base fixing method enables the satellites to be swivelled in any direction, whether attached to the dedicated 1m metal floor stands or wall/desk mounting brackets. There’s also an in-ceiling version.

Available in either high gloss black or white, Eole 3 is available now as a complete, ready to go 5.1 speaker system, with a pair of stands, 42m of speaker cable and a subwoofer line level cable, for around £999.

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