Arcam introduces the FMJ A19 integrated stereo amplifier

December 12, 2012 — Article

The new FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) A19 Integrated Amplifier builds upon the heritage of Arcam’s classic 1970s A60 an promises to deliver high quality performance not just for a few years, but over decades.

Arcam FMJ A19

Arcam FMJ A19

The Cambridge-based company believes the A19 will attract an audience looking reference level sound quality at an affordable price point by delivering a unit with exceptional transparency and detail with ultra-low distortion.

The A19 uses audiophile grade components and techniques normally found in Arcam’s top-of-the-range products. Its power supply is designed to feed two of Arcam’s class-leading r-series products. This allows the unit to become a digital hub for a range of digital connection upgrades, including both wireless Bluetooth devices and USB sources.

The A19’s audio circuits are combined with an ultra-low noise power supply built around a muscular toroidal transformer encased in a resonance-damped chassis.

Arcam has also addressed the oft-neglected issue of headphone amplifier drivers. To satisfy the current popularity of high performance headphones the A19 employs a completely new headphone circuit.

The A19 even embraces analogue as well as digital. The continued popularity of vinyl has led Arcam to equip the A19 with a new ultra-low noise moving magnet (MM) phono stage that will bring new life to any vinyl collection.

Designed to give maximum value for money, Arcam has packed a £200 headphone amp and a £200 phono stage into the A19, alongside a high-performance amp/pre-amp in a heavyweight FMJ chassis.

Arcam’s A19 is available now in a discreet black finish and is priced at £650.

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