Mission introduces the SX Series of flagship loudspeakers

December 14, 2012 — Article

Seven new models all finished in real wood veneers emerge from Mission’s Huntingdon-based workshop.

Mission SX series

Mission SX Series

The seven speakers in Mission’s new SX Series comprise two standmounts, the SX1 and SX2, plus three floorstanders, the SX3, SX4 and SX5, alongside two centre speakers, the SXC1 and SXC2.

For the SX Series, Mission’s engineers designed new drivers to generate a seven octave bandwidth bass/midrange driver reproducing all frequencies from 30Hz to 4KHz.

Among the innovations is the SX MC driver, a metal/fibre cone composite. Mission says this new cone enables excellent bass and lucid midrange with low distortion. The SX MC driver’s performance benefits from its cast-aluminium shell, while the SX TD treble unit features an extremely light and rigid titanium dome.

Combining the SX MC and TD drivers is a crossover that enables each SX Series loudspeaker to behave as a coherent source. The overall result is a phase-perfect, ruler-flat crossover transition. Users can complete an SX home cinema system with a model from Mission’s MS range of active subwoofers.

Peter Comeau, Director of Acoustic Design for Mission’s parent company IAG, said: “For the Mission SX series we wanted to produce loudspeakers which look and sound gorgeous. I’m really very happy that we’ve managed to accomplish both.”

The company’s cabinet makers hand veneer and polish each cabinet. The Mission SX Series is available now in hand-finished black, cherry or rosewood real-wood veneers, with premium piano black or piano rosewood lacquered options.

The Mission SX Series is available now at these prices:

SX1 £699 per pair
SX2 £849 per pair
SX3 £1,499 per pair
SX4 £1,799 per pair
SX5 £1,999 per pair
SXC1 £499
SXC2 £699

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