Panasonic’s enhanced Smart VIERA Plasma HDTV Line-up for 2013

February 19, 2013 — Article

Panasonic’s enhanced Smart VIERA Plasma HDTV Line-up for 2013
Development focuses on picture quality, ease of operation, networking, sleek design, and eco functions.

Panasonic Smart VIERA ZT60

Panasonic’s Smart VIERA Plasma range for 2013 is designed to provide a bespoke TV experience, allowing customisation of up to eleven favourite apps, as well as advanced networking features, increased connectivity, re-mastered picture quality and sharp design.

With screen sizes ranging from 42in to 65in, Panasonic has added twelve models to the new VIERA plasma team, which lines up as follows; the flagship Smart VIERA ZT60 Series, the VT60, GT60, ST60, and X60 series.

Panasonic has raised its bar for plasma picture quality, with the 2013 neoPlasmas promising the company’s highest contrasts and deepest blacks yet. New Red Phosphor promises improved colour reproduction, and a 3000Hz Focused Field Drive (FFD) helps deliver super-crisp motion.

The flagship ZT60 series feature a Studio Master Panel, a new High Contrast Pro filter, and a Hexa Processing Engine (also found in the VT60).

Innovations for 2013 include: ‘My Home Screen’, Face Recognition, Swipe & Share 2.0 (a connectivity enhancement that transforms the TV into a hub for streaming and sharing photo and video content seamlessly with smartphone and tablet), two new voice functions – Voice Interaction and Voice Guidance and the optional Touch Pen.

Each new Smart VIERA HDTV is kitted with an enhanced VIERA Connect platform, Twin HD Tuner, and the VT60 model also features Panasonic’s first-ever built-in camera.

Panasonic’s 2013 plasma line-up also boasts an arsenal of energy saving features and functions to help reduce environmental impact. For example, the ZT60 Series display panel is completely free of mercury and lead. These include Intelligent Auto Standby and an Eco Mode, which adjusts picture brightness according to the brightness levels in the room.

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