Quad L-ite Plus home cinema speaker system

April 22, 2013 — Article

Quad’s new baby is a compact 5.1 package aimed at delivering cinematic sound for home movies or music.

Quad L-ite Plus

Quad L-ite Plus is a home cinema speaker system which promises a full-scale cinematic sonic experience from its sleek, compact and stylish speakers, with a design that builds on the award-winning L-ite and L-ite2 packages.

Quad’s L-ite Plus consists of four satellite speakers for the front and rear, plus a matching centre speaker and a compact active subwoofer with driver technology developed from the company’s latest ʻL Classicʼ speaker range. Brand new elements include crossover electronics and smart, curvaceous cabinets.

Each of the five main speakers incorporates a long-throw mid/bass driver with 10cm cones made from Quadʼs proprietary bi-directional Kevlar weave. The drive units are mounted in newly designed cabinets with gently profiled smooth curves for both aesthetic and acoustic reasons.

The subʼs petite cabinet packs in two mechanically opposed bass drivers with 15cm Duo Tri-Lam cones. Combined with dual-wound voice coils and an integrated 200W RMS (450W peak) amplifier, they deliver a deep, taut and smooth bass with extremely low distortion. The harvest is a room-filling richly detailed cinematic sound, whether playing films or music, that belies the speakersʼ compact size.

The Quad L-ite Plus home cinema speaker system will be available from May in a choice of black, white, or ruby red high gloss lacquer finishes.

As well as being sold as a complete 5.1 package, the individual speakers can also be bought separately to create different configurations (2.1 or 7.1 systems). The Quad L-ite Plus Satellite will be £250 per pair, Quad L-ite Plus Centre £200, Quad L-ite Subwoofer £600, and the complete Quad L-ite Plus 5.1 speaker system (4xSatellites; 1xCentre; 1xSubwoofer) £1,200.

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