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Klipsch: Speakers for both Cinema and Home Cinema: KPT-745; KPT-335 and Palladium P-39F

July 08, 2013 — Article

Klipsch is a brand we write about often because of its unique horn technology that we find in many high-end Home Cinemas, like the one we filmed in Madrid. Since their success with the legendary Klipschorn, patented in 1945, which revolutionized the way people listen to music, the company has been growing continuously thanks to the sales of hundreds of very high quality and prestigious products around the world for both cinemas and home cinemas, and today the company product range has broadened to include headphones, sound bars … but all based on the founder’s original philosophy to “channel live sound from the performer directly into the ears of listeners”.

Klipsch booth

Klipsch booth at CineEurope 2013

At the recent CineEurope in Barcelona, we met Dan Taylor, Klipsch’s Director of Global Sales Cinema, who kindly showed to us the perfect symbiosis between the Home Cinema and Cinema, with the three way KPT-335-N with “just” 31 cm in depth for (rather!) easy installation in a home cinema behind the screen, while boasting a power handling capacity of 500 watts, compared with, big-brother, the stunning KPT-745 4-way flagship speaker for cinemas, with 24 inches in depth offering with a capacity of almost 4X, a whopping 1950 watts. It gives an example of what custom installers should consider as an alternative for large auditoriums. To keep things in perspective, it should be remembered that 50 percent of new theaters in North & South America, Korea and Australasia install Klipsch professional cinema sound products, and now there will be a focus in increasing market share in Europe.


The new four-way KPT-745

Klipsch has never forgotten its origins. It was the wish of its founder, the audio engineer Paul W. Klipsch, to hear an authentic orchestra in his home that pushed the company to keep working for “modest” home cinema consumers, while offering solutions for large theaters.

Palladium P-39F Home Theater System

At the very heart of that concept lies the ingenuity of Paul W. Klipsch’s horn-loaded technology which has remained the hallmark of Klipsch loudspeakers. Horns offer high efficiency, low distortion, controlled directivity and flat frequency response, allowing them to more closely reproduce the quality and tonal characteristics of live sound. Its driver design allows for more air to move more efficiently, while a lightweight diaphragm ensures an effortless, accurate response to amplifier signals.

Designs have changed over the years and the product line expanded, but still today that same sound philosophy is reflected in every product Klipsch makes.

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