Panasonic TX-P60ZT60 : EISA Award Home Cinema TV 2013-2014

September 29, 2013 — Article

For all those who thought that plasma was a thing of the past, here EISA has given its Award for the Best Home Cinema TV to Panasonic for their TX-P60ZT60 as the “the new reference for plasma TVs”.

The P60ZT60 has several innovations, using Panasonic’s “Studio Master Panel” and removing the traditional “air gap” on the screen by fixing its glass front straight onto the plasma panel so that this model offers better viewing, particularly off-axis, in addition to their improving the black levels on their already excellent contrast to “OLED-like” but at a more reasonable price point.

Enjoy too the Smart TV experience for all members of the family.

TX-P60ZT60 Click on the image to watch the EISA video

This is what the Jury had to say:

Panasonic’s TX-P60ZT60 is the new reference for plasma TVs thanks to its new single-glass Studio Master Panel, which guarantees low reflections and clear, sharp images from any angle. This 60-inch display delivers a truly cinematic experience with superb black levels, outstanding contrast and brightness, and smooth motion handling. Colours, meanwhile, are effortlessly natural, and the TV’s professional-level calibration options mean its performance can be fine-tuned to perfection. As well as its peerless picture quality, the TX-P60ZT60 offers a range of Smart TV features, including wireless media streaming and the customizable My Home Screen interface. The premium build quality and the screen’s slender design also impress.

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