KEF E305 - Eisa Award for the European HT Loudspeaker 2013-2014

October 01, 2013 — Article

The new generation “egg” system from KEF that was launched this past Spring has won this year’s EISA Award for the Best Home Theatre Loudspeaker. Inspired by the design of the highly successful and award winning models KHT2005 and KHT3005, the KEF E305 has that familiar rounded “egg” shape but boasting many new innovations.

The quality of the finishings of this award winner is what we are accustomed to expect from KEF, but under-the-hood their engineers have an all new UniQ driver, based on their Q300 model, with the coaxial design combining a 115mm woofer and a 19mm aluminium dome tweeter. The rigid speaker body, like with the Blade, has been acoustically optimized with the driver befitting from a special mounting to absorb vibrations.

KEF E305 Click on the image to see the EISA video

The 250W active subwoofer fires downward using a 200mm driver in an enclosed housing with an integrated amplifier.

This is what the EISA panel of experts had to say:

KEF’s revamped ‘egg’ 5.1 package is ideal for a discreet home theatre system. Its secret weapon is the brand’s proprietary Uni-Q driver, which combines a 115mm woofer and 19mm aluminium dome tweeter in a coaxial design to create a precise sound image from its five small satellite speakers. Adding realistic, deep bass is the partnering 250W active subwoofer with its long-throw 200mm driver and whose design merges seamlessly with the surround enclosures. The E305 is neatly conceived, easy to install, simple to use and provides an impressively broad but still accurate performance with film soundtracks. It’s also a natural performer with music material, making it a great all-round solution.

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