Devailet: New generation products with flagship Devialet 500 now available

November 26, 2013 — Article

After showcasing their new line of products at Munich High-End this spring, the French company Devialet has announced its flagship model, the Devialet 500, is now available. Building on the exceptional success of the D-Premier that was launched in 2010 and that has since won over 20 Awards including the EISA Best Product High-End Audio 2010-2011, Devialet second product generation line-up includes the Devialet 110, 170, 240 and now the Devialet 500, which combines two Devialet 240 and boasts 2×240 watts in stereo mode or, with just one click, an ultimate 500 watt mono-block with extra power and enhanced performance.

Devialet 500

Like the D-Premier before them, the Devialet 110, 170 and 240 form the hub of an ultra-high definition audio system. They combine a preamplifier, stereo power amplifier and DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) in a single, sleek case.

Devialet 110

What makes the Devialet products award winners is their exclusive form of amplification called ADH® (Analogue Digital Hybrid), specially developed by Devialet. It’s ADH® technology that enables the Devialet components to be so slim, yet deliver so much power. In simple language, the ADH® design combines a low-power Class A amplifier and muscular Class D partner operating in parallel.

Long recognised to be the most desirable form of solid-state amplification, pure Class A amplifiers sound great, but have the drawbacks of being inefficient, consuming lots of power, running very hot and are usually necessarily large. On the other hand, Class D amplification delivers copious output yet is more compact and cool-running. While Class D can sound impressively clean and crisp it lacks the inherent fidelity of Class A, and is often criticised for sounding somewhat cold and flat.

By combining Class A and Class D amplifiers in a manner never before achieved, Devialet products offer the best of both worlds delivering the power of Class D, which provides the muscle to drive any speaker available on the market, while the Class A delivers exemplary sound accuracy, expression and refinement.

Devialet 240 Internal

The new 110, 170 and 240 all incorporate a newly enhanced version of this breakthrough technology, employing the same amplification unit but with a redesigned motherboard that delivers increased peak power and enhanced linearity. Devialet’s ADH® core technology is the secret behind the slimline, cool-running physique of its products. It is also exceptionally energy efficient as they require very little warm-up time to sound their best.

The new product line delivers this technology in a more attractive price range with options to suit different budgets and system requirements. The entry-level model, the Devialet 110, starts at less the half the price of the original D-Premier, while the next model up, the Devialet 170, adds additional power output and facilities but still costs 40 per cent less than the company’s original product. The Devialet 240 directly replaces the D-Premier in terms of comparable price and specification.

There are differences between the three models in terms of power output (110W, 170W and 240W per channel respectively) and also a degree of functionality. The 170 and 240 offer a more advanced phono stage for turntable users. Furthermore, to conform to the company’s sonic standards, they have developed Devialet AIR proprietary Wi-Fi circuitry that allows bit-perfect, asynchronous audio streaming from any Wi-Fi compatible device, with a resolution of up to 192kHz. Devialet AIR is an optional extra with the 110 and 170, and standard issue with the 240.

Devialet 500 Back

The ultimate solution is the Devialet 500 which combines two Devialet 240s in an intelligent dual-mono or bi-amp configuration, coupled together with proprietary software to deliver unparalleled performance, and it doesn’t stop there as additional 240s (up to a maximum of eight) can be daisy chained to deliver a vast array of possible configurations.

In addition to ADH® amplification, the Devialet components incorporate a super-advanced ‘Magic Wire’ DAC right at their heart. Digital audio data – for example, audio files from a computer, smartphone or tablet, or a digital feed from a CD or multi-format disc player – is converted to analogue and the resultant signal is amplified using ADH® technology, ready to drive the speakers. The quality of Devialet’s DAC technology and its immediate proximity to the amp section, all within a single chassis, ensures better sound from any digital source than is possible with a conventional amplifier.

Devialet 500 Remote

With all this technology inside, the stylish, slimline design on the outside is far from a dull box often found with high-end components, as Devialet’s line-up have a subtle mirror finish allowing them to blend in with any décor. There are no controls on the components themselves; only on the equally stunning radio-linked remote control device, milled from a block of aluminium with a single, large rotary control surrounded by minimal buttons. Devialet products are manufactured in Normandy and come with with five-year warranty. Hearing is believing, so we suggest you set up an appointment to get a first hand demonstration of this musical experience. They are distributed in the UK exclusively by Absolute Sounds.

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