Loewe: Reference ID Limited Editions in 24-carat Gold and Wood

November 29, 2013 — Article

The German premium manufacturer Loewe has launched, but for a limited time only, two Special Editions of its exclusive Reference ID smart TV line in 24-carat Gold and Oceanic Walnut. These ultra high-end models follow in the concept of tailor-made personalization which is a key feature of this award winning range. An extensive selection of surface colours and materials are available to allow customers to create their own custom Loewe Reference ID home entertainment system to blend in perfectly with their décor, while also offering cutting-edge picture quality as well as a high-end sound system and state-of-the-art smart TV functions.

Loewe Reference ID 55 in 24-carat Gold

The Reference ID Gold Edition is distinguished by an attractive frame plated in 24-carat gold with finishings also featuring gold details for a spectacular, yet harmonious look. The gold diamond pattern on the beige speaker cover enhances the effect, while the rear wall remains in plain white.
As for the Loewe Reference ID Wood, the frame and rear wall feature an Oceanic Walnut veneer. The beige diamond pattern on the speaker cover exquisitely complements the warm colour of the wooden frame.

Loewe Reference ID 55 Oceanic Walnut

The Reference ID Limited Editions in 24-carat Gold plate and Oceanic Walnut are scheduled to be available from December. In the UK the Oceanic Walnut model will be available from the Loewe Galeries in Harrods and Selfridges and the 24-carat gold plate model will be available exclusively from the Loewe Galerie in Harrods.

The technology is the same under-the-hood. Both editions come complete with monochrome LED backlighting that creates a mellow aura around the Loewe Reference ID, showcasing the interior design focus of this product line. The Loewe Reference ID series offers Full-HD LCD technology and 400 Hz picture quality. The luminosity and high picture frequency of these displays means they are also perfect for showing 3D content.

Additional technological features allow the possibility of rich blacks and optimised contrast as the Loewe Reference ID is equipped with a high-quality contrast filter panel using a sophisticated anti-reflection coating technique to minimise potential reflections. The automatic contrast system regulates the contrast according to the ambient light, thus giving an optimum picture in every viewing environment.

Loewe Reference ID In Silver/black with optional speakers and sub-woofer

In addition, the new Loewe Reference ID televisions are equipped with a finely-tuned sound system. With its 160 watts of musical power combined with high-tech materials used in the speakers, such as ceramic, creates an impressive, yet natural sound experience even in large rooms, as confirmed by independent experts: “Loewe’s Reference ID features a maximum noise pressure level of 102 dB and a playback frequency range of 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Even challenging music tracks with high dynamics were reproduced almost without distortion”, stated the respected Fraunhofer IDMT Institute, summing up the results of its measurements.

It (almost!) goes without saying that the Loewe Reference ID is also equipped with Dolby Digital and an integrated multichannel decoder, as well as AV pre-amplifiers for sound reproduction, allowing the new Reference ID to become the control centre for anything up to a 5.1 home entertainment system.

The Loewe Reference ID television also has a new, intuitive operating concept where the most important functions can be activated on the set itself using invisible ‘Piezo’ buttons, while the new operating device, also known as the Loewe Eye, displays the current operation status. Thanks to the cleverly laid-out Loewe Assist Media remote control, all of the Reference ID’s smart TV functions, TV programming, Internet content, personal photos, videos and apps can all be integrated with ease. Additional web-based services can also be accessed using the integrated Loewe MediaNet including video and audio on demand services, news portals, and social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter.

Another key feature is the 1 TB of storage space. The DR+ hard disk recorder integrated into the TV can (provided it is permitted by the content provider…) record both 2D and 3D content, and stream recordings to other Loewe TVs via WLAN, LAN or Powerline. This allows you, for example, to stop your programme at just the touch of a button and to continue watching it later from where you left off on another Loewe television.

Loewe Reference ID Custom-made for Fazioli

Loewe Reference ID is available in three screen sizes: Reference ID 40, Reference ID 46 and Reference ID 55, respectively 40" (101.60cm), 46" (116.84cm) and 55" (139.70cm) with additional matching speakers and support options available at extra cost. Custom tailored design options on request.

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