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EOps NOISEZERO O2+ On-Ear Headphones with COMPLY Headphone Pads

January 24, 2014 — Article

EOps NOISEZERO O2+ are the World’s first on-ear headphones to feature COMPLY Premium Headphone pads that feature a high-tech patent pending construction that combines a comfortable COMPLY Flex-Coat surface coating with a special body-heat activated memory foam formulation. In terms of comfort, the super soft COMPLY Premium Headphone pads can distribute forces evenly around the ear, reducing them by over 35% at anatomical pressure points when compared with generic headphone pads.

In addition, the super soft, skin-like feel of the Flex-Coat surface coating enables the headphone pads to offer more elasticity and flexibility for an excellent acoustic seal with a superior noise isolation performance of 48.2dB, as compared with around 36.9dB of normal generic ear pads, while this innovative material builds up less heat to allow the listener more hours of listening comfort.

The NOISEZERO O2+ headphones include 40mm dual diaphragm drivers with a separate 40mm bass and 24mm mid-high that the EOps states offer high sensitivity with 120dB sound pressure levels, and a frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz. To assure their acoustic performance, both EOps and COMPLY have invested significant R&D to develop and tune the headphones, so that all the acoustic components, from ear cup shape and form, to the air pressure balance inside the headphones sound chamber as well as the performance of the dual diaphragm drivers all work together in perfect harmony.

The EOps NOISEZERO O2+ features a fold-able design that is made of super strong stainless steel alloy material yet lightweight, weighing less than 200g (7oz). The headband as well as the headphone pads are also rain and sweat resistant. The cable is an anti-tangle flat type with an L-shaped gold plated stereo plug to improve durability and an in-line microphone that can be used as hands free for both iPhone and Android smartphones (CTIA).

The EOps NOISEZERO O2+ are now available in the UK in black, blue, red and pink at the highly competitive retail price of £99.99 (120€).

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