October 18, 2000 — Article

In the month of September, Yamaha unveiled, with great ceremony, their new audio/video amplifier: the DSP-AX1, a top-line integrated unit disposing of Dolby Digital/DTS, Matrix 6.1 and DTS ES.

Already available on the Japanese and American markets for a little over 2000 Euros (13950 French Francs) , the DSP-AX2 will soon be available in Europe. Attention: one should not consider it as the replacement for the DSP-A2, because the latter is still on the catalogue!

The DSP-AX2 benefits, along the same lines as the DSP-A2, from a matrixing process called "MATRIX 6.1", as well as DTS ES. Developing around 100 watts under 8 ohms on each of its 6 channels, it offers, the possibility to bypass the internal amplification and add an external multi-channel amp. (for those that find the power is not sufficient). As is customary, a series of 96 kHz 24 bit Digital/Analogue converters take charge of the conversion of audio streams.

It has a complete interfacing set-up: 6 optical inputs, 2 coaxial, 12 analogue and 7 doubled S-video composite inputs. The only dark cloud is that there’s no provision for a component input.

With a view to guaranteeing the upgrading of the machine as formats evolve, the DSP-AX2 has an Integrated RS-232 connection, allowing for upgrading which will avoid obsolescence in the decoding section.

It’s thus under the extension ES that YAMAHA plans to redefine its policies of development and manufacture. Word is that they’re planning to put out two new audio/video amplifiers integrating the MATRIX 6.1 format : We’ll keep you informed!