October 18, 2000 — Article

The CHORUS Range

Focal-JM Lab have initiated, since the Sound and Image "Mondial", the total remodelling of their entire product line. Effectively, the new CHORUS range fits in with the continuity of the brand’s marketing development, which offers products more oriented towards Home Cinema.

In the first instance, the brand wished to simplify its product line as well as renewing it. They did this by suppressing the TANTAL and OPAL lines. The new CHORUS range takes the "best" of each of the latter. JM LAB thus reposition themselves to better adapt to market trends: a large choice of speakers that are good value for money are on offer; around ten models take their place in the new catalogue (six main speakers, two central channel speakers, a pair of surround speakers and a new live bass box).

Three Columns: the CHORUS 710, 715 & 725.

The 710, 715 and 725 are respectively equipped with two, three and four speakers. The CHORUS 710 utilises one mid-bass cone of 16.5 cm and 1 inverse dome titanium tweeter (both working on bass reflex). On the same base, the CHORUS 715 benefits from a supplementary speaker of 16.5 cm allowing for a truer reproduction of bass notes. The CHORUS 725 picks up on the characteristics of the 715 and includes a fourth 16.5 cm speaker – this one specifically dedicated to mid-range reproduction, making the 725 a true 3-way system (each speaker being adapted to each frequency sector – low, mid and high frequencies).. The respective powers of the speakers are 80, 125 and 150 watts. They have a recommended retail price of (approx.) 230, 300 and 460 Euros (1490, 1990 and 2990 French francs).

The Focal brand speakers are the result of wide-ranging acoustic studies. Thanks to this, the CHORUS range proposes two concepts dear to Jacques Mahul: the concave dome tweeter in titanium associated with its phasing piece (which allows a crystal clear reproduction and a more coherent spatial dispersion), as well as the utilisation of speakers with "polyglass" membranes (mixture of micro-spheres and resin).

The woodwork is realised by the rulebook. Thick layers of Medium/High density (MDF), are disposed in strategic places, in such a way that the structure benefits from maximum rigidity. Numerous reinforcement points have also been placed within the structure in order to avoid annoying vibrations due to acoustic "pounding" (resonance) susceptible to bring about sound colouring which is damaging to a good reproduction. Three finishes are available – black ash, natural cherry wood, and Calvados. The brand also supplies four stand points destined to raising the speaker off the floor.

A multi-purpose speaker, the (la LCR 700) and a Subwoofer (the SW 700).

The CHORUS line is thus resolutely Home Cinema, as evidenced by the conception of the LCR 700 and the SW 700 subwoofer. The LCR 700, sold at a price of around 300 Euros (1990 francs), has built-in shielding. This gives it a total polyvalence, because it can be disposed in a frontal (horizontal) position, central (vertical) or in Surround positions (the choice of its position not being predefined at the end of the production line!). Moreover, it owes its faculties of adaptation to bi-wiring to a broad frequency range (covering 53hz -22khz), to its low bass-reflex volume and to its power capacity of 125 watts.

The active subwoofer includes an amplifier of 125 watts. At the same time as the 27 cm polyglass woofer, the sealing unit functionality allows it to avoid all interference from bass reflex events, as well as giving a powerful bass reproduction without any distortion (covering a frequency range of 35Hz to 180Hz). It will be offered for a competitive price of around 460 Euros (2990 French Francs) (few manufacturers offer such good value for money).

CHORUS CC 700 & SR 700

The CHORUS CC 700 and SR 700 are destined to those who are looking to save on space. The CC 700, sold for around 230 Euros (1490 French Francs), is a Central Channel speaker integrating two 16.5 cm drivers and an inverted dome tweeter in titanium. It handles up to 100 watts.

The SR 700, positioned at under 200 Euros (1250 French Francs), has the same conception as the OPAL and COBALT surround speakers: that is to say, frontal projecting sound reproduction. There’s a 16.5 cm driver as well as an inverted dome tweeter. The unit can handle up to 75 watts, thus allowing for the complete reproduction of surround effects in Dolby Digital or DTS.

CHORUS 705, 706 & 707

The CHORUS range is also composed of bookshelf type speakers: the CHORUS 705, 706 et 707 are two-way speakers including, respectively drivers of 14.2, 16.5 and 17.8 cm… enough to delight people looking for speakers with very little bulk without sacrificing performance. They have respective power input levels of 60, 75 and 100 watts, authorising a utilisation in either front or rear positions. Their respective prices are 120, 150 and 230 Euros (790, 990 and 1490 French Francs).