CEDIA EXPO USA 2006 : Industry Recognition Awards

September 16, 2006 — Article

The most outstanding installations are voted every year at CEDIA, and this year’s selection will surely make your mouth water. The Best Large Home Theater catagories start at 40,000 $ and go up to over 800,000 $. In addition, specific themes are also awarded including :

  • Best Integrated Home
  • Best Theme Theater
  • Best Hidden Installation
  • Best Special Project
  • Best Media Room
  • Best Dressed System

As a picture is worth a thousand words, click here to access directly the page of the Award Winners and see by catagory the many photos of each of these top installations.

Electronic Lifestyles® Award winners 2006 also includes recoginition to manufacturers for outsanding products. Here is their list of the Five Best New Products :

  • Stewart Filmscreen Corporation – CineCurve
  • Runco International – Runco RS-1100 CineWide™
  • Crestron Electronics, Inc. – Adagio Entertainment System
  • Stealth Acoustics – Model A3 3-Way Totally Invisible Loudspeaker
  • Remote Technologies – T4 Universal System Controller

Electronic Lifestyles® also has a special catagory of Industry Awards.

Click HERE for direct access the Official website page to see all the photos by catagory.

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