Vivid Audio

Born out of the enthusiasm and drive of South African and British engineers, a new force in high end audio has quietly been building groundbreaking technologies into a range of world class loudspeakers.

Following his time at B&W where he developed the Matrix system, active speakers and the Nautilus, to name but a few, designer Laurence Dickie began to independently develop a range of drivers with the power handling and efficiency suitable for professional studio monitors.

Simultaneously, in the other hemisphere, Philip Guttentag was busy creating a range of high end speakers of his own, but it was in the year 2000 that Robert Trunz, mutual friend and ex-owner of B&W, introduced Dickie to Philip recognizing that here were two people whose combined talents could lead to something significant. His beliefs were born out and in 2004 Vivid Audio launched two new loudspeakers which would come to typify the work of this new team.

Almost every part of a Vivid loudspeaker is unique and not to be found in any other speaker. No element is taken for granted; innovation and new methods of analysis are used to extract the highest levels of performance from every component.

Today Philip heads up a team of over twenty staff in the South African manufacturing facility while Dickie leads the R&D from his laboratory in Brighton, England.



Vivid Audio UK Ltd
The Old Barn
Rosier Business Park
Coneyhurst Road
West Sussex
RH14 9DE

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