Cabasse Eole : Be blown away by the micro spheres

July 11, 2006 — Press release

New 5.1 system consisting in 5 new spherical satellites and a very compact subwoofer, Eole took advantage in many respects of the research investments made in developing La Sphère, the new 4-way coaxial flagship of the brand.

On the technical side, our engineers kept the principle of a co-axial unit in a spherical volume, for highest rigidity and homogeneous dispersal. Determination of the positioning of the new DOM 18 tweeter and calculations of the cross-over was done with the help of the measurements protocol especially designed for La Sphère in order to optimise the frequency response in a 60° solid cone and provide a coherent sound field in a wide sweet spot.

The new Santorin 21 subwoofer is fitted with a 250 W amplifier and a new 8” woofer especially designed for offering musicality for stereo sound and controlled power for home theatre use.
The purity of the spherical shape is underlined by high quality accessories made of aluminium just as the spheres. They provide style and stability for use on a shelf, on the wall or on top of the stand dedicated to Eole.

Available in 3 different finishes – silver, glossy black and glossy white – the Eole satellites and the Santorin 21 are easy to install thanks to their tiny size, beautiful finish and smart accessories.
For music or for movies, be blown away by Eole.



Use : On shelf, wall, stand
Ways : 2
Drivers : 4’’ Coaxial midrange & tweeter DOM18 – 10T15/2. Softdome / P2C
Cross-over points : 4,000 Hz
Frequency bandwidth : 170 – 22.000 Hz
Efficiency : 1 W / 1 m 91 dB
Nominal impedance : 8 ohms
Minimal impedance : 4 ohms
Power handling : 70 W
Peak power : 490 W
Magnetic shileding


Ways : 1
Drivers 8’’ : woofer 21MT31 Cellulose fibre
Cross-over points : Adjustable 20 – 200 Hz
Phase : Adjustable 0° / 180°
Frequency bandwidth : 35 – 200 Hz
Efficiency : 1 W / 1 m Active
Nominal impedance : Active
Minimal impedance : Active
Power handling : 250 W
Peak power : 750 W
Dimensions (HxWxD) 33 x 33 × 36 cm

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