Stewart Filmscreen Celebrates its 50th in-house Residential Training Session

February 15, 2011 — Press release

Torrance, CA – February 15, 2011 – Stewart Filmscreen Corporation® , the industry leader in precision projection screen technologies in the residential and commercial markets, is delighted to celebrate its 50th in-house residential training session January 20-21, 2011.

Stewart Filmscreen is dedicated to providing their dealers and distributors with the knowledge and expertise they need to be successful. Stewart Filmscreen invested in a state of the art training center which features working models of various Stewart Filmscreen products as well as cutting edge projection technology. The two-day training includes a walking tour of the manufacturing plant, an introduction to projection and screen technologies, and training on sale and installation of the Stewart Filmscreen product line. Stewart also invites manufacturing partners to participate in educating dealers on relevant industry topics. During its 50th training Stewart invited Sony and Epson to join them in their discussion of front projection, rear projection, 3D and the various applications that each technology is suited for.

“These classes are designed to enable dealers to possess a full understanding, not just of the Stewart product line, but of screen technology as a whole. Projection systems are not only highly profitable for dealers but also allow them to be very creative with their installations. Projections systems are no longer limited to the dedicated home theater room, we are now placing them throughout the home including outdoors! We are very excited by the success of this program and look forward to expanding this training program,” stated Joaquin Rivera, Director of Residential Sales.

Stewart Filmscreen’s next training is March 17-18, 2011. To get a full list of the trainings scheduled for 2011 or to sign up to attend, please contact Stewart Filmscreen at 800.762.4999.

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