"Pantograph screens are those that do not descend from the ceiling towards the floor, but mount from the floor towards the ceiling. A whole system of springs and levers form the pantographic mechanism that helps the screen to rise. These quite rare systems exist in two different forms:

- The pantograph screen "suitcase", which is manual, and which is presented, as its name suggests, in the form of a long suitcase. Upon opening the case, you will only have to pull upwards on the handle and the screen will follow. This type of screen is generally sold with slide projectors and is a little more expensive than its manual ceiling-based equivalent.
- The second kind of pantograph screen is an electric model, which is not presented in a case, but as an integral mechanism which is built into a piece of furniture. The price of an electric pantograph screen is relatively high, and in addition, you’ll have to either have a piece of furniture made to fit, or have an existing one adapted. "

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