Design of a Home Cinema Room


"During the design or renovation of a home or flat, nothing is preventing you from installing sheathing allowing you to supply sound and images to several parts of your home, and this, in the immediate or near future. The different rooms for which these supplies have been prepared can then be equipped in keeping with your means and your desires. Highly practical, such dispositions are, in addition, very reasonable price-wise.

It is possible to look at the situation in the two following ways:

1 – Each room is independent and possesses its own audio and video installation. In this case, you should simply make provision in advance for where individual systems and speakers will be installed in order to "build-in" a maximum number of cables.

2 – The installation is planned around a central point, where all main elements of your system will be installed. They are linked to each of the other rooms by adequate cables, speakers for a hallway or balcony, and speakers and video, for example, for a room. Remote control systems will allow you to command your system, despite the walls separating you from the central unit. The central point of the installation is comprised of your Audio/Video amplifier, to which are attached all your hi-fi and video elements. "

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