Displays and Video Diffusers


"Easy to install, inexpensive and reliable, the television is the most popular means used for watching Home Cinema programmes. Only the size of the image, limited for the moment to a maximum of 95 cm diagonally, may frustrate those looking for a real cinema atmosphere. In addition, the wide-screen (16/9) – standard image, but more rectangular, allows you to watch a picture in a "cinema" format. In a definitive sense, a cinema enthusiast choosing a television could do nothing but opt for a wide screen set. More and more television and DVD programmes are in wide screen format, and it is also now possible to enjoy superior image definition.
Nevertheless, it remains true that loudspeaker and audio/video cabling constitutes a major factor in the overall quality of your system, which it can, depending on the situation, noticeably help or hinder. "

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