Rotel unveils 15 Series including RSX-1560, RSP-1570, RMB-1575 and RMB-1512 (CEDIA Expo Denver 2008)

September 30, 2008


Marc Schnoll presents the world premier of the all new 15 Series product range of amplifiers and receivers from Rotel. Learn all the features of the new RSX-1550 7.1 surround sound receiver including 4 HDMI inputs and 4 zone capability. The flagship RSX-1560 offers 7 x 100 watts of class D power and many other advantages. See the Rotel RSP-1570 and RMB-1575 (5 x 250 watt) new pre/power Combo as well as the RMB-1512, a twelve-channel installation amplifier, boasting 12 x 100W Class D. The new sleek design also comes in black.

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