Focal Continue Their Spirit of Sound Philosophy with the Stella EM Speaker (Bristol Show 2010)

March 04, 2010


Launching a new product within the Grande Utopia and EM line products, the Stella EM is the baby version of the already established Grande, weighing in at a respectful 185kg it is not such a baby after all.

Offering the first showing to the public, the Stella is designed along the same philosophy as the Grande with its unique three sealed enclosures within the one cabinet, thereby controlling box colourations and induced resonance from the other drive units.

The unique bass driver incorporates their patented electromagnetic design that eliminates the need for traditional fixed magnet designs. Instead, an external power supply provides a variable output to the driver controlling levels and bass output from the unit.

Keeping on top of its audiophile qualities is the use of a beryllium tweeter design offering crisp, linear full frequency response to capture the range of SACD and other high bandwidth media.

The speaker is amazingly sensitive at 94db/w/m and remains stable and is easy to drive suiting most amplifiers.

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