Dali Launch a Small but Well Formed Mentor Menuet Speaker (Sound & Vision: The Bristol Show 2010)

March 04, 2010


Manufactures of high quality speakers, Dali demonstrate their new Mentor Menuet and though it’s a small box speaker its performance delivers sound that is akin to a much larger cabinet.

It’s a compact bookshelf design with a new 4.5” wood fibre driver and a 28 mm soft dome tweeter that is around 30% lighter than its competitors, giving excellent detail with a very fast response. The DALI designed drivers, sturdy binding posts and the high quality crossover unit is the key to achieving extraordinary performance from such a compact loudspeaker.

It’s a bass reflex design with a rear port so placement should be optimised for the correct bass response if stand mounting or there is an optional wall mounting bracket the gives optimum wall distance for the best bass response.

The units are available in a white or black satin finish or a cherry wood veneer finish.

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