Meridian Sooloos Control 15 Manages Your Media And Storage With Ease (Top Audio Video Show Milano 2010)

October 30, 2010


New Meridian Sooloos control 15 has a 17” monitor to easily see your stored media, a Compact Disc drive is included along with 500Gb storage allowing simple ripping too the hard disc with sufficient space to store around 1000 albums in lossless format. If you need more space, additional Meridian Sooloos products with hard-disk storage on the network will allow the Control 15 to share these resources for storage.

The Control 15 has a brand-new audio output design which includes the full range of digital audio features for which Meridian is renowned, such as upsampling for enhanced audio performance, and an ultra-low-jitter clocking system for superior stereo imaging and digital audio performance.

With a touch screen interface access and navigation is easy with direct access to your media and it can integrate with other Sooloos products for zone control. Third-party remote wireless control is available from a dedicated Sooloos App for complete control from an iPad and iPhone.

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