Cambridge Audio Launch High End 751 3D Blu-ray Player With Two HDMI Outputs (CES 2011)

January 17, 2011


With the highly sought after 751 BD universal 3D Blu-ray player, Cambridge Audio have pulled out all the stops to produce an extremely high quality product.

It will playback 3D Blu-ray , normal Blu-ray, DVD, CD etc. with picture quality assured with the use of a an Analogue Devices high end scaler and Woolfson DAC for optimum sound quality.

The transport is a custom Cambridge Audio transport which has been treated to ensure stable control and optimum delivery at the earliest stage of the process. They have put extra research into the components and build of the audio board to ensure high audio performance no matter what your signal type.

There are two slots for external drives for independent USB or SATA drive for extra playback options and the 751 BD player has two HDMI outputs completely independent of each other with separate set up including colour settings and output resolution.

To keep it all up to date there is the obligatory network connection available with dongle option.

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